DAK Sleeve Pip

Condition: Near Mint

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Product Description: This DAK sleeve pip is a fairly scarce rank patch. This style of patch was intended for use with the tropical uniforms worn by men of the Afrika Korps, as well as other formations that fought in Italy and elsewhere on the Southern Front. This rank pip indicates the position of Oberschütze (or Oberfunker, Oberkanonier, Obergrenadier or any of the other branch-specific names for this rank). The backing is a twill cotton, in a typical olive tropical shade. It is adorned with a single diamond-shaped pip, machine embroidered in gray thread. The edge of the pip is finished with a machine sewn edging of thin tropical fabric. On the reverse, this DAK sleeve pip shows a thin tan reinforcement fabric, as well as the bobbin thread of the embroidery. It’s maker marked with an ink stamp that reads “F.u.S.” There are no stitch holes, no wear, no damage to this unissued patch. It’s crisp and clean, and would likely be impossible to upgrade. The condition rates as near mint.

Historical Description: Among the vast array of military, civil, political and paramilitary uniformed organizations that proliferated during the Third Reich, rank was indicated in a myriad of ways. Many organizations used a system of rank insignia that was applied to the uniform, using collar or sleeve patches, or shoulder boards. Most military organizations used sleeve patches, often in the form of pips or chevrons, for enlisted ranks, sometimes with matching special collar tabs. NCO ranks were usually indicated with Tresse on collars and shoulder boards, while officer ranks were generally indicated with shoulder boards and generic “officer” collar tabs, with special rank-specific collar tabs for the highest ranks. The sleeve ranks were made in countless forms. Some organizations, such as the Waffen-SS, used an organizational color for the backing of all sleeve ranks, while other military branches, such as the German Army, issued sleeve ranks during wartime with backings that matched the color of the uniform. Ranks were made for all manner of specialized uniform parts, including black uniforms worn by armored vehicle crews, tropical uniforms, and even camouflage uniforms, which had their own special rank system for officers and NCOs.



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