DAF Cap Brooch


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Product Description: DAF Cap Brooch. Light wear throughout.

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Historical Description: The Deutsche Arbeitsfront (DAF, or German Labor Front) was a combined labor union for workers and employers during the Third Reich. It was formed in 1933, as a replacement for earlier trade unions that were suppressed by the Nazi Party, and by 1934, with the incorporation of several smaller unions, became the largest Nazi organization. Under the DAF, strikes and collective bargaining were effectively outlawed. The headquarters were in Berlin, and the official in charge of the DAF was Reichsorganisationsleiter Robert Ley. The DAF created restrictions on employment and pay, but offset this by sponsoring leisure activities through its “Kraft durch Freude” (Strength Through Joy) program, something that helped win over the working class to the Nazi regime. The role of the DAF was reduced by the outbreak of WWII and the associated diversion of the workforce for war industry, but it continued on until being officially abolished by the victorious Allies in 1945.



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