Complete Navy Dagger Hangers

Condition: Excellent

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Product Description: Complete Navy Dagger Hangers like this are not easy to find. This set is in excellent plus condition. The set is nicely matching, with both of the hangers showing two dots visible underneath the buckles. The ribbed rayon fabric and dark Kriegsmarine blue velvet backing to the hangers are nice and clean, and retain strong original color. There is no damage anywhere to the fabric. The matched buckles show only very minor wear and retain nearly all of the original gold finish, with lots of original luster. The short hanger is complete with the original chain, with intact original hook, both having full original gold finish. The clips on each end of the longer hanger are missing the gold finish, having reverted to the brass base metal which has taken on a dark patina from age. This set of complete Navy dagger hangers would be perfect for completing an original dagger.


Historical Description: The German Navy adopted the use of a dress dagger for its officers in the 19th century. In 1935, the Nazi leadership reintroduced universal conscription for German men as part of a plan to greatly expand German military power. The German Navy became part of the new Wehrmacht and was renamed the “Kriegsmarine.” The leadership of the Kriegsmarine was largely very traditional and initially retained many pre-Nazi traditions including the traditional dress dagger which was unchanged since WWI. But in 1938, a new dagger was introduced for the Kriegsmarine, that bore the Nazi swastika emblem. This pattern of dress dagger is known today as the Second Model Navy Dagger. The earlier “flaming ball” device used on the first model pommel was replaced with a German national eagle emblem clutching a wreathed swastika. The crossguard on the second model Navy dagger was longer than that found on the first pattern. The standard blade was acid etched with a fouled anchor and ornate foliage pattern. Because it was expected that these daggers would be worn at sea, all parts with the exception of the blade were initially made from brass. The Second Model Navy Dagger was made by more than a dozen manufacturers in a number of variants until the end of WWII. As with all officer dress daggers, they were not issued, but were private purchase items. Officers could customize these to suit their own tastes by upgrading them and customizing them in various ways.


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