Commemorative German 1936 Olympic Medal

Condition: Excellent

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Product Description: This German 1936 Olympic Medal is a nice, early award. It is made of a brass alloy. The silver finish is beautiful, with smooth surfaces and a nice, eye-catching shine. There is a slight, even patina on both sides of this award. All of the original detail is present. The suspension ring is present, and retains a length of original ribbon. The ribbon is the correct red, white and black type for this medal, and is clean and pristine, with bright original color. There are a couple of tiny holes, perhaps from being pinned on to something at one time. This German 1936 Olympic Medal is a very attractive and representative example, that remains in appealing, excellent plus condition.



Historical Description: The “Deutsche Olympia Erinnerungsmedaille 1936,” or German Olympic Decoration, was instituted by Adolf Hitler on July 31, 1936, to recognize services to the 1936 Olympic Games. It was awarded to people who did not meet the strict criteria for the previously instituted Olympia-Ehrenzeichen honor award, but who nevertheless had shown merit in planning and executing the Games. Recommendations for the award were reviewed by Reichsminister des Innern Dr. Frick. The award was bestowed along with a document that bore a facsimile of Hitler’s signature. The medals were produced in a range of metals, including copper, bronze, white metal, brass alloy, zinc, and iron. The silver finish was either matte or shiny. About 55,000 of the medals were awarded.



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