Civilian Service Wehrmacht Armband

Condition: Near Mint

Base Material: Cotton

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Product Description: The Civilian Service Wehrmacht Armband was made to be worn by non-military personnel and covered every branch of the military. The armband is constructed from a yellow cotton-twill fabric. An inscription of “Im Dienst Der Deutschen Wehrmacht” (In Service to the Military) can be found on the front of the band. The inscription is printed, in a black ink. No staining, tears, rips, or discoloration can be found on this Civilian Service Wehrmacht Armband.




Historical Description: Nearly every military, civil, political, and paramilitary organization in existence during the Third Reich used armbands. Armbands were worn on military and civilian uniforms and also on civilian clothes, from suit jackets to work clothing. They were used to denote membership in organizations, to indicate a specific role or function of the bearer, and as insignia of rank. Many organizations would change the design of their armbands over time, which added to the variety produced. These were manufactured in countless variations, ranging from simple printed bands to elaborately hand-embroidered pieces of the highest quality. Some Nazi armbands were worn by all members of large organizations and were made by the millions. Others were intended for use at a specific time and place and were unique. Many types were made in very limited numbers. Some bore metal insignia or special identifiers that indicated the wearer’s rank, unit affiliation, or nationality. Armbands were sometimes but not always marked with ink stamps by the issuing authorities.



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