Cholm Shield – Short M

Condition: Excellent

Maker: Unknown

Variant: “Short M”

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Product Description: A stunning Cholm Shield in excellent condition. This Cholm Shield is made out of stamped steel, which has been finished with a silver wash. The obverse of the shield is in excellent condition, with minimal wear and spotting. This is what is known as the “Short M” variant by collectors. The “Short M” type Cholm Shield is known by all collectors of Campaign Shields to be the classic wartime example. This is the type everyone wants in their collection. The shield is affixed to a Heer Cloth backing by means of three Tombak prongs through a thin steel backplate. The backplate is missing most of the original paper backing. The prongs appear completely unmolested. Of all the Campaign Shields, the Cholm Shield is the rarest and most desirable of them all. These are not easy to find in this condition, don’t miss your chance!

Historical Description: In early 1942 the Soviet Army began it’s winter counter offensive. During the ensuing battles, the small town of Cholm was encircled. The German forces in the area, numbering only roughly 5,500 men made up of an ad hoc force of Luftwaffe, Polizei, and Heer, set up a defensive perimeter around the strategically important town. During the siege of Cholm, the German forces were under constant pressure from the three Soviet Divisions which made up the encirclement. With almost no heavy weapons, and little ammunition, the German defenders held off the constant Soviet attacks until relief finally came on 5 May, 1942. The Cholm Shield was actually designed during the encirclement by both the commanding officer of the Cholm Pocket, Generalmajor Theodor Scherer, and Polizei Rotwachtmeister Schlimmer. The Cholm Shield was instituted on 1 July 1942, and was awarded to those who fought inside the Cholm Pocket between 21 January and 5 May 1942. Because only 5,500 men of the German Army served inside the Cholm Pocket, the Cholm Shield is today the rarest of the officially made Campaign Shields.


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