Chained NSKK Dagger – M7/43

Condition: Near Mint

Maker: M7/43 – Weyersburg


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Product Description: This gorgeous Chained NSKK Dagger is a stunner. It’s in near mint condition. The blade is exceptionally clean, and retains excellent original crossgraining. The “Alles für Deutschland” motto on the blade is crisp, with intact darkening. The reverse of this amazing blade is etched “RZM M7/43” indicating manufacture by the firm of Paul Weyersburg in Solingen. The handle of this dagger is pristine, with no cracks or chips to the attractive wooden grip. The nice early nickel grip eagle and enameled SA roundel show only extremely minor wear. The crossguards have a heavy plated finish that is completely intact, with loads of original luster. This chained NSKK dagger is complete with a wonderful original scabbard. The scabbard retains very nearly all of the original glossy black enamel painted finish. The chain is steel, with alternating NSKK organizational emblems and round “sunwheel”-type swastikas on the links. The reverse of the chain has the expected NSKK marking, and the clip for affixing this to a uniform remains intact and functional, with virtually no evident wear. This is a top shelf example of this extremely desirable dagger type, that would be extremely difficult to upgrade.


Historical Description: The NSKK (Nationalsozialistisches Kraftfahrkorps) was a motorized paramilitary organization under the auspices of the Nazi Party during the Third Reich. The memberas of this organization trained in the operation and maintenance of automobiles and motorcycles. It was a relatively small organization, with about 5,000 vehicles at its disposal in 1931. NSKK members had a rank structure based on that of the SA, and wore similar uniforms and insignia. In 1933, NSKK members were authorized to wear the newly introduced SA dagger. Later, in 1936, a change was made to differentiate the NSKK dagger from the SA version. The NSKK dagger was to have a black finish on the scabbard, as opposed to the brown scabbard used by the SA. There was also a chained version, with a special suspension on the ascabbard, that was worn by officers and by those who had joined the NSKK prior to early 1933. Because NSKK daggers were not made before 1936, and because the NSKK was a much smaller organization than the SA, the NSKK daggers were made in smaller numbers than SA daggers; they are correspondingly rarer to encounter today.


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