Cased 1st Class Eagle Order


Condition: Excellent

Maker: 21 – Godet

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Product Description: This Cased 1st Class Eagle Order is an extremely well-preserved example of this rare and desirable Third Reich award. The cross is virtually perfect, with pristine, gorgeous white enamel on both sides. The original finish of the silver has toned very beautifully with age, having never been cleaned. The suspension ring on the cross is well marked, with the silver content marking “900” as well as the PKA Lieferant code of “21” indicating manufacture by the firm of Gebr. Godet & Co. in Berlin, a prestigious manufacturer of top quality awards. The original wide ribbon loop has a lovely patina that matches the cross perfectly. The original ribbon is full length, and extremely clean, with bold original color. The narrow ties for fastening the award around the wearer’s neck are intact. This beautiful cross is complete with its beautiful original case. The case is covered with red leather, which shows no fading to the original color. The German eagle and swastika emblem on the lid is embossed in silver, and is nearly perfect. The leather exterior of the case shows scattered light scuffs and other wear marks, but no damage. The hinges and clasp closure are intact, with no issues. The case is very clean inside. The interior of the lid is lined with white silk that bears the designation of the award, “Verdienstkreuz I. Stufe des Ordens vom Deutschen Adler.” The cross and ribbon rest on an inserty covered with beautiful black velvet. This Cased 1st Class Eagle Order is in a strong excellent condition, and would be very difficult to upgrade.



Historical Description: The Order of the German Eagle was established in May 1937. It was intended to supply a diplomatic order for award to foreign nationals. The Award consisted of five classes and a silver medal of merit. A unique class of the Grand Cross the German Eagle Order in Gold with Diamonds was presented to Benito Mussolini. In 1939, a few modifications were made to the design. Swords could be added to each award for military merit, the award was then approved for German nationals, and a special award of the Grand Cross in Gold was instituted. In 1943, the Order was reorganized into seven classes with both a silver and a bronze medal of merit. Three known manufacturers produced the awards, and two manufacturers produced the merit medals. Each manufacturer can be identified by the differentiating eagles mounted between the arms of the cross. Deschler & Sohn produced awards marked “900” and “Silber”. Earlier awards made by “Gebruder Godet & Co.” marked theirs with just “900”, and in 1943 changed to the “900” & “21” marks. C.F. Zimmerman produced awards marked “900” or are unmarked. Merit medals are marked either “835 Pr. Munze Berlin” or “835 Pr. Munze Wien”.


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