BDM Pennant – Ortsgruppe Blaubeuren

Condition: Excellent Plus

Measurements: 29″ X 18″

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Product Description: A unique BDM Pennant in excellent condition. The pennant features nicely executed chain stitched lettering in a traditional Suttelrin Script font. The black and red side reads “Bund Deutscher Mädchen, Obergau Württemberg”. The opposite red only side reads “Ortsgruppe Blaubeuren”, which is a town located near the city of Ulm. The pennant is made of multiple pieces, which show a few areas of light wear to the fabric, and some light staining to the white of the swastika field. The original brass attachment ring is securely intact. The pennant measures 29 inches in length, and 18 inches in height.


Historical Description:  During the Third Reich and WWII, a wide variety of flags and pennants were used on German cars and vehicles. In the military, vehicle flags and pennants were used to indicate branch or rank, or specific command roles. The various civilian organizations also had vehicle flags and pennants for members of their organization or to denote the vehicles of officers, leaders or people in specific roles. Even political leaders had their own flags which were often rank specific. Some of the flags, especially military ones, were simply printed, and some were machine woven or stitched, while the flags for political leaders and the highest ranking military personnel were more decorative and often elaborately hand embroidered in bullion wire. Some vehicle flags were mass produced, including simple national flag type swastika emblem pennants that could have been bought by any patriotic supporter. Others were unique. These flags were attractive souvenirs for GI troops at the end of the war, and are eagerly collected today.


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