Assmann Glider Pilot Badge


Condition: Excellent

Maker: Assmann

Base Material: Zinc

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Product Description: This Assmann Glider Pilot Badge is a rare and very desirable award. It is struck from two pieces of fine zinc. The finish is typical for Assmann, with a decent amount of silver remaining on the upper wreath and around the hardware on the reverse. Most of the surface has reverted to the dull gray color of the base metal, as is normal for these zinc pieces. The obverse shows only extremely slight wear, with great detail. The reverse of this hard to find Assmann Glider Pilot Badge is flat and smooth. There is no maker mark, but the construction details leave no doubt as to the maker. This badge is textbook in all aspects, and shows no signs of repair. The attachment hardware features a smaller block hinge, needle pin, and flat wire “C” catch on a soldered disc. The flattened rivets are tight, and are a textbook mid-war style for this maker. The attachment pin is functional. This is a nice, representative example of a badge that is missing from most collections. The overall condition rates as excellent.



Historical Description: The Luftwaffe Glider Pilot Badge was instituted by Luftwaffe Chief Hermann Göring, on December 16, 1940. The badge took the form of a wreath of narrow oak leaves, made of Buntmetall or silvered zinc, to which was riveted a flying eagle with a darkened finish. The badge was designed by Wilhelm Ernst Peekhaus. Production of the badge began at the firm of C. E. Juncker in the fall of 1940. The badge was awarded to airmen who had earned the Glider Pilots License; it was issued together with the license, upon conclusion of training. The metal version of the badge was originally issued in a blue presentation box with a hinged lid. There were also cloth versions of the badge produced, both machine-embroidered and hand-embroidered; production of these ceased in 1942. The badges were worn on the left breast pocket of both military and civil uniforms.


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