Artillery Regimental Standarte Swallowtail

Condition: Excellent

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Product Description: This original Artillery Regimental Standarte Swallowtail is an outstanding object, that could be the centerpiece of a collection. The base of this extremely impressive flag is made of a red dyed artificial silk fabric, with the color indicating the Artillerie branch of the German Army. The fabric retains bold original color, and has only a few small areas of light soiling. The decoration on this flag is absolutely stunning, having been intricately hand embroidered using some of the finest materials available to tailors in that era. It is double-sided, as all of these were. The large, hand-embroidered, three-dimensional eagles are made of thick, dyed thread, with bullion talons, surrounded by hand-applied silver bullion wire oak and laurel leaves, over a large Iron Cross. The four corners on both sides are adorned with chain stitched swastikas, surrounded with nice, hand-applied silver wire edging. The heavy, thick silver wire fringe along the edges of the Standarte is completely intact. The pole end is complete, with small holes showing the former locations of the brads that once affixed this to a pole. There is a six-digit number inked on the pole end on one side, which is possibly a museum catalog number from the former USSR. This flag saw period use, and there is one small, period done repair near the corner of the Iron Cross, on the red base fabric. There are light traces of age and  use, but no dry-rot or major damage to note. This Artillery Regimental Standarte Swallowtail is an very impressive piece, with exceptional visual impact. These flags are highly desirable and extremely difficult to find. This one is in excellent plus condition.



Historical Description: The “Standarte” was in important and iconic part of the regalia of German military, political and paramilitary units during the Third Reich. These were displayed at rallies and were used as marching standards by dedicated personnel who led units in marches and parades. German military units had various types of these flags including drum and trumpet banners, and standards for the Regiment and Battalion in both square and “swallow tail” variations. Each Standarte was a unique, hand-made work of art. They were made by highly skilled craftspeople and were held to an exceptional standard of quality. Generally, the background of the Standarte was in the unit’s Waffenfarbe, the specific color that indicated the unit’s branch of service. On this colored background, in intricate and highly detailed hand-made wire embroidery, would be heavily ornamented versions of German national emblems. The Standarte was further adorned with streamers that were specific to each organization. Few were manufactured, and fewer survive today; they are exceptionally sought-after relics of Third Reich pageantry.


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