Aluminum Tri-Color Pith Shield

Condition: Near Mint

Base Material: Aluminum


Product Description: This Aluminum Tri-Color Pith Shield is a perfect example. This pattern of Reich national colors emblem was worn on the tropical pith helmets used by Wehrmacht units in Afrika and on the Southern Front. This one was never issued or used, and has never been mounted to a helmet. All of the original red and black paint is still present on the obverse, with bright original color. There is no sign of wear. On the reverse, all of the original attachment prongs are intact, and are still turned down from the factory, having never been moved since production. This Aluminum Tri-Color Pith Shield was a US veteran souvenir, having been brought back by the same veteran who obtained the collection of buckles we are offering. It’s very difficult to find these aluminum Pith Helmet shields in near mint condition. This piece would be impossible to upgrade.



Historical Description: The pith helmet is one of the most iconic aspects of the tropical uniform worn by German personnel in WWII. Besides being worn by Rommel’s Afrikakorps, pith helmets were also worn in all areas on the Southern Front, where tropical uniforms were issued. These areas included Italy, the Mediterranean, and southern Russia. Pith helmets were part of the uniform issued by the German Army, Luftwaffe, Kriegsmarine, and the Waffen-SS. The chief visible difference among the pith helmets used by these various organizations, were the metal badges affixed to each side. These were made in the style of the branch decals used on the steel helmet. Early pith helmets were made with a twill fabric outer covering. Later, second pattern examples were covered with felt. As German troops withdrew from Afrika, many pith helmets sat unissued in warehouses, where they were recovered by Allied forces at the end of the war. At one time, later pattern examples were relatively common. With the passage of time, complete original examples, especially in nice condition, have become much harder to find.


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