Alcoso Government Officials Dagger

Condition: Excellent

Maker: Alcoso

Base Material: Brass


Product Description: The Alcoso Government Officials Dagger is a rare and extremely desirable Third Reich dagger, that is missing from most collections. This is an excellent original piece, in totally untouched condition. The blade has some minor gray freckling, but retains lots of original luster and very nice original crossgraining. It’s marked with the commercial type “scales” maker logo of Alcoso in Solingen, the maker one typically expects to see with these daggers. The handle is attractive, with clean mother of pearl grip plates. There is one tiny chip to the grip on one side, near the eagle head pommel. The crossguard eagle is beautiful, with darkening to the recesses that gives a look of depth. There is a Heer pattern knot tied to the handle. The knot is in excellent condition, with no damage. This Alcoso Government Officials dagger is complete with its original scabbard, which is nice and straight. The scabbard has a light, even patina that perfectly matches the handle. There is no indication this dagger has ever been disassembled. Overall, this dagger remains in excellent condition. It displays extremely well and could be the centerpiece of a collection of WWII daggers.


Historical Description: German Diplomatic and Government Officials daggers are among the rarest and most sought-after of all of the production daggers of the Third Reich. These were elegant pieces, made in the highest quality, befitting the high status of the diplomats and officials who carried them. Both the Diplomatic and Government Officials daggers featured silver handle fittings with artificial mother-of-pearl grip plates, and an eagle’s head pommel. The Government Officials dagger was produced in greater quantity than the Diplomatic pattern. The easiest way to tell the difference between these two very similar patterns of dagger is the way the eagle head faces on the cross guard. If the eagle faces to the left it is a Government Officials dagger, if it is to the right it is the pattern for Diplomatic Officials. Most extant examples are made by Alcoso, who may have been the only authorized maker, though some examples with different maker marks are known. Surviving examples of the Diplomatic and Government Officials Daggers are very desirable among collectors.


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