Adolf Hitler Street Sign

Condition: Excellent

Measurements: 26″ x 6″

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Product Description: This Adolf Hitler Street Sign is one of the few originals, and could be a centerpiece for a display of an advanced collection. This impressive piece measures 28″ x 6.” It’s made of a fairly heavy steel, with the wording “Adolf-Hitler-Strasse” in white DIN lettering, enclosed by a white border, on a beautiful cobalt blue background. The lettering and border are slightly raised from the background. The materials and construction used for this sign are entirely correct, and exactly what one wants to see on an original. The obverse does have some damage, as one usually finds with these. There are typical nicks and scratches, and some areas of enamel loss that are mostly limited to the edges. Only a couple of letters are slightly affected by these chips, leaving the sign perfectly and instantly readable. The exposed bare metal has an old patina. On the reverse, this Adolf Hitler street sign has typical gray enamel as well as some drips of blue. Exposed steel on the corners suggests this sign was used, mounted to a building or other object. These signs are extremely desirable and very rare. This is an excellent example, with dramatic visual appeal.



Historical Description:  There are many types of signage associated with WWII and prewar Germany. The Nazi authorities made wide use of signs to disseminate information about the various official organizations, Party functions and events. The various official buildings in German cities and towns and in the occupied areas also had signs to indicate their function. And of course there were countless types of unofficial signs in use as well, including commercial advertising. Some of these signs were mass produced, factory made of enameled steel, pressed metal or printed card or even paper. Other signs were hand-painted and unique. During the Third Reich, many German streets in cities and towns were renamed to honor Nazi Party leaders, with names such as Hermann-Göring-Strasse or (most famously) Adolf-Hitler-Strasse. Other streets were renamed after martyrs such as Horst Wessel, or after Nazi organizations- for example “Strasse der SA.” Signs were an iconic part of Nazi Germany and some Allied soldiers, who had the means to do so, brought or sent home these large decorative items. Most were destroyed, and few survive today.



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