48 Star US Flag

Condition: Very Good

Measurements: 34” (L) x 22” (W)

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Product Description: This 48 Star US Flag is a very attractive example. This pattern of United States national flag was in use from 1912 to 1959, though this particular example dates from the WWII era. It’s made of thin, white, printed fabric, with the print visible on both sides. Machine stitching was used to finish the flag on all four edges. There is no sleeve or rope on the hoist end. The printed ink colors on this flag generally remain very bright and eye-catching, though there is some light staining and fading in some areas, as well as light age toning. The corners of the flag have small tears, the result of having been used, probably affixed to a wall at some point. This very displayable 48 Star US Flag is in a strong, very good condition, with lots of eye appeal.  The flag measures 34” x 22”.


Historical Description: The Flag of the United States has been modified 26 times since it was instituted in 1777. In 1818, Congress decided to institute a design with 13 stripes (honoring the first colonies) and one star for each US state, with a new star for each new state to be added to the flag on the Independence Day following the new state’s acceptance in the Union. At that time, the flag had only 20 stars; this number grew rapidly. The first change to the US flag in the twentieth century took place in 1908, when Oklahoma became a state; this brought the number of stars up to 46. Four years later, in 1912, New Mexico and Arizona brought stars 47 and 48. It was this 48 star flag that was the emblem of the United States during the World Wars. In 1959, a 49th star was added for Alaska, but this flag was only in use for a year; the addition of a star for Hawaii in 1960 brought the number of stars to 50, the pattern still in use today. This 50 star flag has been in use for a greater time than any of the previous 26 US flag designs. According to the US Army Institute of Heraldry, the US flag never becomes obsolete; any earlier version of the flag may still be displayed as long as it is serviceable. 


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