2nd Pattern E Boat – Unmarked

Condition: Very Good

Maker: Unmarked

Base Material: Zinc

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Product Description: This 2nd Pattern E Boat Badge is a typical example of a later war type, zinc badge. The original finish has interacted with the fine zinc base metal over time, and evaporated. The exposed zinc on the obverse is nice and clean, with smooth surfaces. Nearly all of the original detail remains intact, with hardly any evident wear. The reverse of this 2nd Pattern E Boat Badge is also clean. It’s flat, with no manufacturer marking. The brass alloy hardware setup retains the original gilt finish, as is typical. There is a round wire hook mounted behind the eagle, and a horizontal short “Coke bottle” pin, with block hinge and sheet metal catch. The hook, hinge and catch are held in place with the original solder, and the pin is still functional. This badge shows great detail and remains in a strong very good condition overall.



Historical Description: The Schnellboot-Kriegsabzeichen, also called the S-Boat Badge (from the German “Schnellboot,” fast attack boat) or the E-Boat Badge (from the Allied designation for the S-Boats) was a decoration of the German Navy, instituted by Kriegsmarine commander Grossadmiral Erich Raeder on May 30, 1941. The badge was intended for wear by crews of the E-Boats and was to be awarded by the boat’s captain. E-Boat crew members who had been killed in action were also eligible for the award. To earn the badge, an E-Boat crew member had to participate in 12 missions, to participate in a particularly successful mission, to have an exceptional personal achievement during a mission, to be on a boat sunk by enemy action, or to be killed or wounded on a mission. Later, it was also allowed that former E-Boat crews who had been awarded the Destroyer Badge for their E-Boat service, could also be awarded the E-Boat Badge. In 1943, wear of this badge was also granted to sailors who had served on eight specific ships in the battle for Norway. In the same year, the design of the badge was changed, with the depiction of the E-Boat being updated with a longer, newer boat style. There was a version of the E-Boat Badge with diamonds, awarded eight times to Kriegsmarine personnel who had earned the Knights Cross with Oak Leaves. There was also a miniature version of this award, to be worn on civilian clothes. 


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