2nd Pattern Coburg Badge

Condition: Near Mint

Pattern: Second Type

Base Metal: Brass (Tombak)

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Product Description:  A beautiful and extremely scarce Coburg Badge. The badge is made of a die struck brass alloy (Tombak), with artificial darkening added to the obverse resulting in darkened recesses. This 2nd Pattern Coburg Badge is in near mint condition. The hardware is completely, and originally, intact and soldered directly to the reverse of the badge. The badge is unmarked. The Coburg Badge was regarded as the highest NSDAP award at the time.  This Coburg Badge is sure to make a center piece addition to any collection, including a prestigious one.


Historical Description:  The Coburg Badge was created by Adolf Hitler on the 14th of October 1932 to recognize the SA participants who took part in a significant Nazi rally ten years prior.  On the 14th of October 1922 Adolf Hitler led a group of approximately 800 SA men from the Munich train station to the town of Coburg, which at the time was highly contested politically.  After the arrival of the SA men pitched street battles broke out which in the end resulted in the SA men winning the day. The events of this day were highly regarded in Nazi lore of the time. Participants of Coburg were considered “Old Fighters” and held in high regard by the Nazi Regime. In 1936, Adolf Hitler restructured the Top NSDAP Awards, with the Coburg Badge being the highest Award of the NSDAP, followed by 2. The Nuremberg Badge, 3. SA Treffen at Brunswick 1931, 4. The Golden Party Badge, & 5. The Blood Order, followed by the Gau Honor Awards and Golden HJ Badges. It shouls also be noted that any SS man awarded the Coburg Badge was also entitled to wear the SS Honor Ring.


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