2nd Model Railway Dagger

Condition: Excellent

Maker: Eickhorn

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Product Description:  Keyword: This is a fantastic example of the extremely hard to find and desirable 2nd Model Railway Dagger. It is a textbook original Eickhorn piece in every respect. The condition on this one is really striking; we are calling it excellent plus but it borders on near mint! The blade on this dagger is nearly perfect, with nearly all of the original crossgraining present. The reverse of the blade has a nice Eickhorn squirrel logo etch, which retains all of its original darkening. The handle is gorgeous, with a glossy grip that is free of any damage. The plated aluminum handle fittings have virtually all of the original finish, and still retain much of the original factory clear lacquer coating, which has mellowed to a translucent honey gold color. The crossguard displays the die flaw on the left wing, which is present on all original Eickhorn examples. Excellent Plus/NM dagger. Daggers blade is near perfect with nearly all it crossgraining. All of the fittings are excellent with still a lot of its original Lacquer which has mellowed to a honey gold color. This 2nd Model Railway Dagger is complete with its original scabbard, which has all of its correct original finish. Both of the hanger suspension rings are intact. It would be extremely hard to upgrade this rare dagger type, that is missing from most collections.


Historical Description: The German railway protection organizations (Bahnschutz) were made up of railway police as well as railway employees tasked with serving as a security force. The men of the Bahnschutz wore special insignia and uniforms and were also authorized to carry a special dagger. Initially, these men used a dagger that was identical to the German Army style of the period, but with a black grip, instead of the light shade of the Army dagger grip. Most of these were manufactured by the firm of Robert Klaas. In 1937, a new model of Bahnschutz dagger was introduced, with a totally different and organization-specific design. This type, known to collectors as the second model, featured the same black colored grip, but with new, silvered aluminum handle fittings, with the winged wheel emblem of the Reichsbahn on the crossguard. The scabbard had a brushed plated finish that matched the handle fittings. Because the Bahnschutz was never a large organization, these daggers were made in small numbers, making them very rare and desirable to collectors.


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