2nd Model Luftwaffe Dagger Hangers

Condition: Near Mint/Mint

Maker: Marked E.U. 10 RZM, as well as DRGM

Pattern: 2nd Model

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Product Description: These 2nd Model Luftwaffe Dagger Hangers are in incredible, unissued condition. They have never been worn and are virtually mint. The fabric is still stiff from the factory. The woven rayon and silver wire facing is pristine, the beautiful blue velvet backing is perfect. Every stitch is intact and pristine. The zinc fittings retain all of the original intricate detail to the ornamentation. There is some very minor and expected age fading to the finish on the zinc parts. All of the buckles and spring clips are complete and functional. The upper clip for affixing these to a uniform is well-marked, with an RZM logo, the early manufacturer code U.E. 10, and “D.R.G.M.” indicating an officially registered design.  These 2nd Model Luftwaffe Dagger Hangers are nearly impossible to upgrade, and would be a perfect match for completing a mint dagger.


Historical Description: The Luftwaffe dagger was a piece of regalia with a unique history. After WWI, Germany was prohibited from having an Air Force. In 1933, the Nazis formed the Deutscher Luftsport-Verband (DLV), which was a paramilitary aviation organization. DLV officers wore a long dagger. In 1935, in violation of the Treaty of Versailles, Hitler instituted the new German armed forces, the Wehrmacht. One of the branches of the Wehrmacht was the Luftwaffe. Luftwaffe officers at this time wore what we know as the first model Luftwaffe dagger. This was a shortened version of the earlier DLV dagger. It featured a scabbard covered in blue leather, and a blue, wire-wrapped grip. The crossguard featured a round, “sunwheel” type swastika, flanked by downswept, stylized “wings.” The pommel was in the form of a vertical disc, with another, larger “sunwheel” swastika. In 1937, the Luftwaffe instituted a new dagger form, known to collectors as the second model. This new dagger was similar to that worn by officers of the German Army. The second model had a metal scabbard with impressed decoration, and no leather covering. The crossguard bore a Luftwaffe eagle, clutching a swastika. The blue grip was replaced with one that was orange, white or yellow. The various types of grips were a matter of personal preference and did not indicate branch or rank. The pommel of the new dagger featured a swastika within an oak leaves motif. The blades of these daggers were steel, and many but not all were manufacturer marked.


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