1938 SA Participation Tinnie

Condition: Excellent

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Product Description: This is an original 1938 SA participation tinnie issued by SA Gruppe Niederrhein (Lower Rhine) to commemorate the three (3) day sports competition sponsored by that entity in the city of Duisburg during the period 10 through 12 June 1938. Covered on its front side with a gray steel finish, the 1938 SA participation tinnie is in fact made from hollow stamped plated brass. The design of this 1938 SA participation tinnie features an SA man holding a large shield, emblazoned with the wording “Wettkampftage SA Gruppe Niederrhein, 10-12 Juni 1938 Duisberg” as well as the SA organizational emblem, and surrounded by a wreath. The obverse retains most of the original finish. The reverse has an old patina, and a functional steel pin still held in place with the original solder. This is a nice example of an attractive SA tinnie, in excellent condition.


Historical Description: “Tinnies” is a generic collector term for many different types of small pin-on badges that proliferated during the Third Reich. Small pins with various designs were made for members of various Nazi organizations, and were also made to commemorate events of all kinds, from Nazi Party rallies to sports races and trade conventions. Tinnies were also made to commemorate various special dates and anniversaries, holidays, and political days such as elections. Some tinnies were given to all participants of an event, while others were sold to raise money for a cause or for an organization. The Winterhilfswerk (Winter Help Organization) sold very many different kinds of tinnies to raise money for social help, both locally and nationally. Generally speaking, anyone at all could wear these, to show support, or just as a fashion statement. Tinnies were used by every Nazi organization, and also by the armed forces, and civil groups. There were many thousands of different designs. Despite the name, “tinnies” were not all made of metal. They were made in glass, amber, plastic, paper/cardboard, fabric, even pressed leather and wood. The manufacturers of these pins ranged from local artisans, to the factories that made military and civil awards. Some tinnies were produced in vast numbers and are easily found today. Others were made in smaller quantities, and rare tinnies can be very sought-after collector items today.


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