1919 Iron Division Commemorative Medal

Condition: Excellent ++

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Product Description: The Freikorps 1919 Iron Division Commemorative Medal is rare as only 3,00 medals were awarded in 1919.  This medal is silvered and features a skull with crossed bones on the obverse, as well as the inscription “UND DOCH” (and yet!) along the sides of the lower half. The reverse features a shield with a cross on it, with “19” to its left side and “19” to its right side. The ribbon is black with a thin white stripe on each side with a skull attached through the center of the ribbon. This Iron Division commemorative medal is in excellent ++ condition.




Historical Description: The Iron Division Commemorative Medal was instituted by an association for the former members of the Iron Division. The Iron Division was raised in 1919 by Major Josef Bischoff and its membership was primarily composed of former members of the German 8th Army. In October 1919, the Division was absorbed by the West Russian Volunteer Army, and it was ultimately disbanded in 1919. The association for the former members of the Iron Division was formed in March 1920. The medal was conferred upon formers members of the Iron Division who served in both combative and non-combative rolls and assisted in fighting Bolshevik forces. It was also conferred upon individuals who supported the post-war activities of the association. Veterans were required to purchase their own medal. It was available for private purchase from 1920 to the early 1930s.



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