15 Year RAD Long Service Award


Condition: Near Mint

Base Material: Aluminum

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Product Description: This 15 Year RAD Long Service Award is a virtually perfect example of this relatively rare medal. It is a top-quality piece, made of silvered aluminum. All of the beautiful original factory applied silver finish remains intact on both the obverse and reverse of this medal. There is only an extremely minimal trace of age toning, mostly to the lettering on the reverse. This appears to be an unissued award, and there is no sign of wear, with all of the crisp original detail intact. The surface is bright, with eye-catching luster to the original finish. The original, split style suspension ring is still present. There is no ribbon. This 15 Year RAD Long Service Award is beautiful and pristine, and remains in outstanding, near mint condition.



Historical Description: Prior to WWII, the German military and civil authorities instituted a wide range of Long Service Awards to reward personnel for years of service. These awards were used by all branches of the German military, as well as civil and political organizations such as the police, the customs service, and the National Labor Service (RAD). There was also a general Long Service Award for civil service. Each of these awards was issued in the form of a medal that was suspended from a cornflower blue ribbon. Many of these were made in different grades denoting a specific number of years of service. They were worn on the uniform in the form of ribbon or medal bars, and up to two long service awards could be worn at the same time. In most cases, a device affixed to the ribbon bar would denote for which service the award had been issued; sometimes the medals themselves had devices on the ribbons, either in the form of pinned-on metal emblems, or else hand or machine embroidery applied directly to the ribbon. Some German Long Service Awards were very widely awarded, others were made and issued only in small numbers.


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