Norwegian Volunteer Frontkjemper Badge


Condition: Excellent


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Product Description: This rare original Norwegian Volunteer Frontkjemper Badge is constructed of silver, the obverse consisting of an elongated hexagonal border, bearing a raised inscription of “FRONTKJEMPER” (“FRONT FIGHTER”) in stylized runic script, around a central Viking warrior wielding a sword and shield, the latter bearing a Nasjonal Samling-style emblem, the reverse with a vertical pinback meeting a round wire catch, stamped with a silver content mark of “830S”. A iconic badge as issued to Norwegian volunteers who fought on the eastern front. Unfortunately the pin on the back has broken off which is typical on these type of badges.  The Norwegian Volunteer Frontkjemper Badge is in excellent condition.



Historical Description: Designed by Norwegian illustrator and Nasjonal Samling member Harald Damsleth, the Front Fighters Badge was instituted in October 1943 by decree of Norwegian leader Vidkun Quisling. It was awarded to all Norwegian personnel, both male and female, who served on the Eastern Front during the Second World War. Initially produced in both metal and silver, production was shifted to zink versions as the former materials became scarce.



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