Amazing German Swallowtail Standarte Grouping from OSS Agent Family

Condition:  Excellent to Near Mint

Maker: Assmann (Gorget)

Pattern: Artillery


Product Description:  We are very pleased to be able to offer this amazingly intact German Swallowtail Standarte group that was brought home by an OSS agent after the war. I flew to Kansas City and purchased this group directly from the OSS Agent’s son. The veteran’s name was Paul Arther. Mr. Arther served in Europe during the later stages of the war, including the Battle of the Bulge, intercepted German messages and interrogated German Prisoners. In one of the articles he describes the capture of a German who was wearing an American uniform, the prisoner was executed a short time later.  I could only have wished to interviewed mr Arther himself when I purchased this group. I would have absolutely loved to have listened to where he was and who he interrogated during and after the war. These OSS servicemen were usually in some of the most historically important places at the end of the war, and the relics which are usually found in their estates bear testimony to such.

The German Swallowtail Standarte is perfectly preserved. The red stain base fabric is without damage or staining. The silver flatwire and hand embroidered chain stitching is expertly executed and without damage. The large brown eagle is hand embroidered with thick cotton thread giving it a three dimensional look. If you have never seen one in person, these eagles look like they could fly right off the fabric and the craftsmanship is incredible. All silver fringe is intact without thread dry rot. The swallowtail was carefully removed from the pole at the time of its capture and no tears can be seen, just the typical holes from the special brads used to attach these to the wooden poles. The streamers are in mint condition with no damage. The streamer plates retain most of their silver plating and protective lacquer. An early Standarte Bearers Gorget accompanies the swallowtail and streamers. This is a rarer produced gorget from the firm of Assmann. The gorget is in excellent condition with most of the finish remaining. All of the heavy silver plated brass links are intact and retain their dark burnishing. The reverse of the gorget retains all of it’s original felt backing. The group includes several photo copies of wartime and immediate postwar photos of Mr. Arther, including one with his wife, as well as several newspaper clippings from interviews that local papers did of him just a few years ago. This is a exceptional and historically important German Swallowtail Standarte Grouping directly from an OSS Agents son!



Historical Description:  The “Standarte” was in important and iconic part of the regalia of German military, political and paramilitary units during the Third Reich. These were displayed at rallies and were used as marching standards by dedicated personnel who led units in marches and parades. German military units had various types of these flags including drum and trumpet banners, and standards for the Regiment and Battalion in both square and “swallow tail” variations. Each Standarte was a unique, hand-made work of art. They were made by highly skilled craftspeople and were held to an exceptional standard of quality. Generally, the background of the Standarte was in the unit’s Waffenfarbe, the specific color that indicated the unit’s branch of service. On this colored background, in intricate and highly detailed hand-made wire embroidery, would be heavily ornamented versions of German national emblems. The Standarte was further adorned with streamers that were specific to each organization. Few were manufactured, and fewer survive today; they are exceptionally sought-after relics of Third Reich pageantry.


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