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The Reichsarbeitsdienst (National Labor Service, RAD) was a compulsory labor organization formed by the Nazi Party in 1934. A new dress dagger, the RAD Dagger was instituted in the same year, to be worn by all members of the Reichsarbeitsdienst for dress and formal wear. As the RAD was a labor organization, this was made in the form of a “Hewer,” with stag grip plates, and a heavy, rugged blade similar to a utilitarian tool, although it was not intended for this purpose. The large scabbard was engraved with the shovel and wheat organizational emblem of the Reichsarbeitsdienst. The blade of the RAD Hewer was etched with the organizational motto “Arbeit adelt” – Labor Ennobles. Originally, all personnel of the Reicharbeitsdienst were to have worn the same model of hewer, though there were some production variations. In 1938, a new pattern of hewer was introduced to be worn by RAD officers. It was smaller, with a smaller grip that featured silvered fittings and an eagle’s head pommel. The RAD organizational emblem was moved to the crossguard on the officer pattern hewer. Today, as with all ceremonial regalia of Third Reich organizations, original Rad Dagger and hewers are eagerly sought after by collectors.

Böker RAD Hewer

Böker RAD Hewer


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