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The Deutsche Reichspost was the German mail system during the Third Reich and until the end of WWII. As with virtually every German state organization of that era, members of the Reichspost had uniforms and regalia. These were worn not only by the mail carriers and employees of the post offices, but by officials of every level, and included typical Third Reich regalia such as Postal Leader Daggers, visor caps, armbands, and collar tabs that bore rank insignia. Reichspost-specific regalia was worn by both male and female Reichspost members. As the German empire expanded in the 1930s, the Reichspost was tasked with operating in the newly annexed regions, and during WWII, the Reichspost worked closely with the Wehrmacht “Feldpost” military mail system. The Reichspost ceased to exist in 1945, and Reichspost items, many of which were made in relatively small quantities, are very collectible today.

1st Model Postal Dagger

Postal Leader Dagger


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