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In 1936, the German government reorganized the German Polizei (police) with a series of new laws and changes. The result of this was a consolidated police force, with various branches all under control of SS chief Reichsführer Heinrich Himmler. One of the many changes instituted at that time was a new dress sidearm for all Polizei branches, Police Bayonets. Prior to 1936, many of the German police units used long dress bayonets with clamshell crossguards; officers generally wore private purchase variants that had a shorter blade. The new version instituted for Himmler’s police forces was shorter than the previous type, with a blade that measured about 13 inches in length. The clamshell crossguard was removed, and the Nazi-era German Police eagle and swastika organizational emblem replaced the previous six-sided grip insignia used since the Weimar period. The blades were generally nickel plated. The scabbards were typically leather-covered, with nickel fittings, and were suspended from the service belt by a leather bayonet frog. As with all Nazi-era German edged weapons, these Police Bayonets were popular souvenirs that were avidly collected by Allied troops, and they remain very collectible today.


Police Bayonet - WKC

Police Bayonet – WKC

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